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Lonestar Gas Company

The Future
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Our Story

Lonestar Gas Company

The Lone Star Gas Company was started in 1909 by drilling-company and well-owners, GW Crawford and LE Sanders.  Originally a pipeline company in partnership with CW Sanders, AR Green, and H Sinclair, it was established to carry natural gas to Dallas and East Texas. The first of a series of expansions occurred in 1927 when Lone Star Gas purchased the Dallas Gas Company and Harold Petroleum Oil Company. After nearly a century of mergers, acquisitions, and buyouts, the company that began as Lonestar Gas Company is now operated by CC Sanders of Dallas, Texas. 

Who We Are

The company has ranked in the top 10% for oil and natural gas production in the State of Texas for the last 100 years.
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Lonestar Natural Gas

Our Vision

Clean Energy with Natural Gas to electricity direct from our fields to your home.  With the addition of hydrogen, we are able to reduce our emissions to the cleanest standards in the electric industry. 
Lonestar Natural Electric - LNE

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Financial Advisory

100% Tax Write Off for entire investment. Against Ordinary Income or Gains

Audit & Assurance

Now is the time to invest in Oil and Gas. If you are a savvy Accredited Investor, looking to expand your portfolio reach out to us today.

What We Offer


100% Tax Write Off for entire investment. Against Ordinary Income or Gains

Fraud prevention

Lonestar Gas Company is a piece of Texas history.   This company has ranked in the top 10% for Texas Oil & Gas since the creation of the automobile.  We continue to lead the way in natural gas production and energy to electricity.  

Savings solutions

Today, we are turning our oil and gas fields into stand by electric producers for the State of Texas so that communities do not loose power throughout our cold winter months.  



Deep Industry Knowledge

We have pioneered natural gas to shale extraction and as such are heavily vested in the Barnett Shale and Eagle Ford Group of Shale Zones in Texas.

Years of Experience

The Dallas Gas Company was Dallas’ first gas, electricity and heat provider, founded in the 1870s and chartered in 1905.  The Lone Star Gas Company was founded in 1909 to deliver gas to Dallas, Fort Worth, and several small cities in between.  Lone Star Gas Company acquired Dallas Gas Company in 1927, later becoming Enserch Corporation in the 1970s.  Enserch and Ensource were purchased by Sanders Oil & Gas Company in the 1980's.


The collection contains correspondence, reports, and agreements investigating the adequacy of the supply of gas for Dallas and Fort Worth and the reasonableness of the prices Lone Star Gas Company charged to rival local companies.  Today Lonestar Gas Company is operated by Chris Sanders of Dallas, Texas who is the McGraw-Hill Published Author on Shale reservoir engineering and downhole shale facture design and the first dozen implementations of this new technology with Halliburton.  

In-house Research Teams

If you have a new lease or acreage available and would like to have it reviewed for our projects or modified for any reason such as surface sentimental reasons please email:

Please include the county, acreage, abstract numbers, and previous leases if any. We do not negotiate on easements nor can you break them, if you have purchased a property with a pipeline or natural gas easement, through us or other energy operators downstream.  These pipelines and gathering systems are needed for national security.  Do not let a law firm inform you that they can break an easement like this because it can not happen nor will we approve it.  The mineral domain is dominant estate and those terms and conditions will continue for those those mineral rights owners and or the adjacent and contiguous properties.

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Our Address

13522 Vargon St , 

Dallas, TX 75243

210 Main Street
Marietta, OK 73448

500 East Blvd STE 1402
Rapid City, SD 57701

Our Phone No.

(214) 533-6006

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