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In 1994 Chris Sanders revolutionized the Barnett Shale of North Texas by turning CO2 into Oxygen and Natural Gas while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gasses (CO2) in the atmosphere the result was the first "circle of life" between our ecosystem and the petroleum anaerobic bacterial world 8,000 - 10,000 feet deep.  His process turns shale structures into a huge anaerobic digester and the materials were published in McGraw-Hill textbooks on shale fracking and shale reservoir engineering from 1995 - 2005.  The vast majority of the industry is unconcerned with the oxygen output, CO2 reduction, or the circle of life, instead an industry wide success rate of 97% and 5% of the nations natural gas supply make this field the most active onshore drilling play in the United States. -

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My Story

In fact, in every other area of the world, every drop of oil and natural gas has already escaped from the source and has been actively working its way on up to the surface only to be trapped by structure and horizons of geological time zones.  In these upper production zones, a degree of permeability and porosity must exist so that we can produce from the formation.  The Barnett Shale has almost no porosity and no permeability which was the reason why until now source bed rocks have not been produced from.  Therefore it is safe to say that these explorers will spread their knowledge of source bed rock stimulation and production throughout the world. So what is going on here in Texas is extremely different because every operator and producer here is a pioneer in the most advanced cutting edge and active play in the world.


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